The Kira Kira Maid Cafe is a full-scale maid cafe experience based off of maid cafes in Akihabara! Guests will be greeted at the door with ‘Okaerinasaimase’ (welcome home) and will be escorted to a table. Each party will have their own maid or butler to serve them, offering tea, snacks, and an array of fun games to play! Maids and Butlers will provide excellent service, tasty food, and magic spells to amp up the flavor! Our cast will then take to the stage to perform Jpop and Anime songs for everyone, and might even engage the crowd in a game of Jan-Ken-Pyon (aka rock, paper, scissors)!

The Maid Cafe can be booked with a cast as small as 5 up to as large as 15. Maids will wear pink and white maid uniforms, and butlers will wear black slacks, a black dress shirt, a pink vest, and pink tie.  Food service ranges from a small tea service (3 types of tea, two types of cupcakes, and cookies) to a full-scale meal including dessert, or you can book with no food at all, just games, performance, and a small manga library.