The King’s Game is our wildest, silliest show yet! The cast has no script, no songs, and no prior preparation. All they have is a bucket full of numbers and ideas in their heads. Based off of the popular Atlas Game in Persona 4, the game starts with each cast member drawing a number out of the bucket. No one knows who drew what number, or who drew the King card. ¬†Once all of the numbers are distributed, the King reveals them-self, and the game officially begins. The King will choose at least one number, and give that number an order. For example, the King may say “I order numbers 2 and 5 to do the chicken dance.” The cast members with numbers 2 and 5 must then rise from their seats and do the chicken dance as enthusiastically as possible.

After each round, the numbers are collected and redistributed, that way anonymity is kept and not even the audience will be able to tell who gets called up next. Eventually, the position of King is opened up to audience members, and that’s when the ideas get really crazy!

This improv-style show can last from 30 minutes to an hour, and audience participation is highly encouraged! Costumes can be maid/butler uniforms, catgirl/catboy uniforms, or if your event has a specific theme, we can work with that as well. A cast of 5 at minimum is recommended for maximum fun!