The Kira Kira Acatemy takes two popular anime tropes, catgirls and schoolgirls, and fuses them together for a campy, goofy, over-the-top show! Our cast members play students at the Kira Kira Acatemy, the award-winning boarding school for catgirls and boys. The students take classes in subjects like napping and scratching, while still saving energy for sports after school like mice catching and laser chasing! Find out what a day in the life of a catgirl is like!


The show is in the format of a jukebox musical, with the plot strung in between Jpop and Kpop dance numbers (information on these songs will be provided in the program so audiences won’t be lost in translation). Our catgirls wear black polo shirts with pink ribbons, pink schoolgirl skirts, black tights, pink sneakers, and white cat ears. Our catboys wear black polo shirts, black slacks, pink ties, white sneakers, and white cat ears. ┬áThis show is made for a cast of 9 performers.